When forming a price list, we are guided by the quality level of our work and the criteria of competitiveness in the Estonian market. In the company Realcom you will always find the best possible value for money.

All the customers are equally important to us, that`s why we always try to find an individual approach to each of them, regarding the specificity and amount of work. To our regular customers who order a large amount of work, we make a special price offer.

Work 1h. – 25.-€ + KM

Welding works 1h. – 30.-€ + KM

Electrical works 1h. – 30.-€ + KM

Full MB diagnostics – 35.- € + KM

The first service for the new customers – discount 20%
For regular customers in case of large orders 10% discount or by agreement.
Flexible pricing for spareparts.